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EF Lightning Carrier
EF Lightning Carrier
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16 Jun 2019
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Specification of EF Lightning Carrier

EF Carrier

Lightning Rod - EF Carrier Sell ​​Lightning Protection - EF Carrier EF Carrier PETRIDER EF Carrier PETIR PENANGKAL is a recipient of ESE-based lightning strike (Early Streamer Emission Lightning Conductor) With the work system gathering cloud energy when there is a cloud of energy passing through the protection area, then picking up flashes of lightning by streamer, catching and channel to earth. Although the entire terminal of the electrostatic lightning rod is based on cooperation, namely ESE (Early Streamer Emission Lightning Conductor) PETIR PENANGKAL EF Carrier is an ESE-based electrostatic lightning rod designed specifically for the tropics as well as in Indonesia. There are 8 advantages to the EF Carrier PETRIDER, namely:

1. More aesthetics, designed by Indonesian lightning scientists and architects from Germany Sturdy Terminal Unit, designed so that there are no cavities that cause rainwater to enter as a cause of corrosion

2. Maintenance Free, no Power Supply or Solar Cells, Active Radio No, Current discharge 300 kA

3. More practical, designed to make it easier for us in terms of installation in the field

4. Quality Raw Materials, materials and materials for producing anti-lightning or EF Carrier PETIR PENANGKAL are selected materials and materials according to SNI standards and IEC

5. More economical, competitive prices (competing) even if compared to other products can be cheaper

6. Latest Technology, specifically designed for tropical regions that are suitable for installation in Indonesia

7. Trusted Producer, company that produces anti-lightning or PETIR PENANGKAL EF Carrier is a local company that works with German companies supported by HLI High Voltage Laboratory (Hamburg Laboratory Inc) and GEC (Germany Electrotechnical Commission) If we pay attention to the dangers caused by lightning strikes, the lightning protection system must be able to protect the building structure or physical as well as protect the equipment from direct strikes in the external lightning protection (indirect protection) and the internal lightning rod (Internal Protection) ) or which is often covered by surge arresters and the making of an adequate grounding system according to the standards specified.


Tekno Grounding Indonesia Jalan.Bukit cimanggu city raya Ruko block M2 no. 2 Cibadak village Sareal Land District Bogor Note: a. TEKNO GROUNDING INDONESIA Serving the delivery of goods to all regions of Indonesia. For shipments outside JABODETABEK, we cooperate with expedition services (land, sea, air) that can be relied on both in terms of cost or timeliness such as;

a.TIKI, JNE, MEX (via air), HERONA (via train) and so on.

b. TEKNO GROUNDING INDONESIA Serves Lightning Protection, Cadweld Services (Cadwelding Services), Cable Welding, and Others.

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